5 qualities that successful musicians have

The music industry is very competitive. It is very hard to earn money playing music. You need to have the passion for your career. Luck is involved, but hard work can go a long way. Here are some qualities that the successful musicians have.

They don’t have any other choice

Musicians take up music as a career because they have the passion for it. This is what they had always wanted to do in life. They have never tried anything else, and they didn’t want to take up any other career. Therefore, they work hard to do well in their music career as they know that if they fail there is no way they can earn their living.

They work hard and educate themselves

In a band, each member plays a different role; one is a vocal artist, another a songwriter or a guitarist. Someone from the group has to be the manager or the promoter. Solo artists often have to take up many roles. It is necessary that you know about the different aspects of the music making process and the industry itself.

They like living modestly

Musicians know that there won’t be any stable income in this music career. You may afford some luxuries, but maybe after many years. Then your income may suddenly go down as well. Successful musicians know how to lead a modest life so that they can live comfortably even during their bad times. They think of a stable cash flow, like teaching lessons or workshops.

They are patient

Musicians don’t become successful overnight. It may take many years of struggle before becoming successful. You shouldn’t give up. You should have the patience to wait and keep on working hard.

They enjoy the music

Good musicians enjoy their music and work to improve it every day. They never get bored. They always try to exceed their personal limits in terms of performance. You should practice a lot to become a successful musician.

You need to have these qualities in yourself to become a successful musician. You have to work hard and be patient.  One day success will come in your way.

Top 5 British musicians of all times

British musicians are talented. They have not only captured the hearts of the British people but that of the rest of the world. Here are the top British musicians of all times.

1. The Beatles

They changed the music industry. They were the first band to attract screaming female fans. Now it’s a commonplace. Their music has been very influential in the music world.

2. The Rolling Stones

They were just the opposite of Beatles in terms of personality. Parents would love if their daughter dated a member of the Beatle. But it would be a nightmare for them if she dated someone from The Rolling Stones. They played sexy and dirty rock and roll songs that were inspired by American R&B. Guys liked the Stones, while the girls liked The Beetles. Until the late 80s, the Stones were releasing one hit album after another.

3. Led Zepplin

They have sold many records. They have something to offer for everyone. They are a very talented group of musicians who have entertained audiences with their music for years.

4. Pink Floyd

This legendary band had great influence on the future musicians. Many bands might have copied Floyd’s sound. Listening to Pink Floyd is just incredible.

5. The Who

They were very popular and had great influence on the early punk bands. They had a huge influence on the Mod culture. They had 18 Top 20 singles in the UK. Their concerts have been very popular.

These musicians will always be remembered for their songs, talent, and performance. Their albums were the best sellers, and people still love their music after so many years.

4 tips for hiring music band for your wedding

If you want to have live music at your wedding, then hiring a good music band is a good option. But it’s essential that you choose the right one for your special day. Here are some tips to guide you.

Determine your budget

You should stick to your budget. Most bridal budgets include 10% on entertainment. You can pay extra for your favorite band to play at your wedding and lower the budget in other parts of the wedding expense.

Decide what type of band you want

Not all bands are same. Bands play different types of music. You should choose a band that plays the type of music you and your partner likes. Also, you should consider the taste of the guests. Entertainment should be for everyone.

Listen to samples

Even if the band looks professional and has lots of positive reviews, you should listen to live samples of their work. You should also watch live videos so that you know how they will perform on stage.

Take time to decide

Don’t rush on taking the decision. You should take the time to decide. You should be careful when planning your wedding. If you like a band, you should book them early to confirm their availability.

You should do research on the band before hiring them. You should meet them and tell about your expectations. You should read reviews or get recommendations when choosing the band. You should be able to trust the band you hire.