Top 5 British musicians of all times

British musicians are talented. They have not only captured the hearts of the British people but that of the rest of the world. Here are the top British musicians of all times.

1. The Beatles

They changed the music industry. They were the first band to attract screaming female fans. Now it’s a commonplace. Their music has been very influential in the music world.

2. The Rolling Stones

They were just the opposite of Beatles in terms of personality. Parents would love if their daughter dated a member of the Beatle. But it would be a nightmare for them if she dated someone from The Rolling Stones. They played sexy and dirty rock and roll songs that were inspired by American R&B. Guys liked the Stones, while the girls liked The Beetles. Until the late 80s, the Stones were releasing one hit album after another.

3. Led Zepplin

They have sold many records. They have something to offer for everyone. They are a very talented group of musicians who have entertained audiences with their music for years.

4. Pink Floyd

This legendary band had great influence on the future musicians. Many bands might have copied Floyd’s sound. Listening to Pink Floyd is just incredible.

5. The Who

They were very popular and had great influence on the early punk bands. They had a huge influence on the Mod culture. They had 18 Top 20 singles in the UK. Their concerts have been very popular.

These musicians will always be remembered for their songs, talent, and performance. Their albums were the best sellers, and people still love their music after so many years.

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